Multipliers In Casino Slot Games

Day: January 4, 2021

Multipliers In Casino Slot Games

This week we did a recap of the main components of casino slot games so we thought it would be useful to talk about casino slot multipliers as well. We have already seen how there are special symbols that bring you super winnings at casino slot games. The Joker symbol works like in card games, you can substitute any symbol, thus giving you a greater chance of winning. The Scatter symbol brings you bonus rounds or free spins when they appear in a certain number, a number that varies from game to game and is mentioned in the paytable. So let’s see what the multiplier thing is and how you can increase your winnings!

What are multipliers?

First of all, you should know that not all casino slots are equipped with multipliers. That’s why Casino recommends reading the description of the game’s features before playing for money. Most slots are provided with such elements, however, but this also differs depending on the casino where you choose to play.

Secondly let’s talk about the role they play in slots which is probably quite intuitive. Multipliers are a kind of bonus items What multiplies? Either win a round or multiply your paylines.

How much does it multiply? Well, there are multipliers that double you, triple you and there are some that even double your winnings. They’re kind of friendly. Basically, with their help you can have impressive results, even if the stake you played with is low.

Types of multipliers at casino slots

Multipliers in the basic game

As I told you, not all casino slot games have multipliers, and in the basic game they are not very common. Most of those that exist die double, triple and so on, depending on the casino slot game, only the value of the winning paylines. Suppose the multiplier is 2x. Thus, the final amount will be on the active payment line multiplied by 2.

Multipliers for free spins

This type of multiplier appears last during the free rounds at casino slots. What will happen? At the end of a free spin you will be asked to choose a multiplier. It will give you a chance to discover other bigger multipliers, which will definitely increase your winnings.

Scattered multipliers

Some Scatter symbols are so special that they have reels with multipliers. The scatter does not have to be on the payline on which you placed your bet. His mere appearance on the game rolls will be enough to trigger the multiplication of the bet.


There are Joker (or Wild) symbols that act like multipliers. It still retains the property of substituting any symbol to form a winning combination at casino slots and also has the multiplier feature.

Certainly these special symbols in the world of online casinos make the casino slot game much more attractive and fun, on the one hand because a spin brings you more possibilities, and on the other hand because the winnings increase considerably!